Security Center

ICAO decided to establish this Regional Centre at Queen Noor Civil Aviation Technical College,  Amman – Jordan.

The Centre was inaugurated officially under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Al-Hussein on   8 December, 1998. 
The Center Objectives:
1- To establish a training centre of excellence in the Middle East for the enhancement of Aviation Security.  
2- To provide a wide range of AVSEC training courses. 
3- To establish co-operation links with the Regional Aviation Security Training facilities located in other ICAO Regions.
4-To assist states in the Middle East Region in the implementation of SARPs contained in Annex (17) to the Convention of International Civil Aviation.
5- To meet the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission’s AVSEC requirements, and the bilateral or multilateral needs.
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