ANS Center

In ANS training centre we provide  participants with ICAO requirements  knowledge and understanding accompanied with simulators' practical training when required. It was established back in 1964 for the purpose of refreshing Jordanian CAA employees information and to apply new procedures, officially became a school for ATC in 1973. since then we are accredited by the higher authority for air traffic management training encluding air navigation services to Jordan and other countries.
By using 3D simulators for ATC  training  it became an international centre where most of the  regional countries thrust to have part or all of their employees’ training here.

The Center is approved by Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission as defined in JCAR Part-167 under approved number CTR-3.

The Center consists of:

1. AFTN/AMHS Training Division

2. AIS Training Division 

3. ATC Training Division

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