ICAO Aviation Language Proficiency Test

Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (JCARC) has authorized the English Language Testing Center at Queen Noor Civil Aviation Technical College (QNCATC) to conduct Aviation English Language Proficiency Tests in accordance with ICAO standards and JCAR FCL-1 under the approval number QNCATC/EXAM/2007.

Our Mission: 

To strive towards ongoing policy and process improvement to strengthen our competitive position and improve product quality and service standards.

Our Aim:

To provide an internationally recognized certification of English Language Proficiency in the context of aviation in a manner acceptable to national regulatory/licensing authorities, professional, registration bodies and employers for license endorsement purposes.

Our Objectives: 
  • To provide a valid and reliable test for rating the candidate’s ability to operate in English in the context of aviation and aeronautical radio-telephony communications in international civil aviation acceptable to pilots and air traffic controllers.
  • To provide a testing system and quality of service delivered in accordance with ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements and
    JCAR FCL-1.
  • To provide a testing system that is fair to all candidates.
  • To provide reliable test results in accordance with ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale and ICAO Holistic Descriptors of operational language proficiency.
   The Testing Center at QNCATC has started conducting Aviation English Language Proficiency tests for pilots and ATCs since August 2007 to determine their level of the language proficiency. The Testing Center adheres to the Code of Practice of the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) as a framework for its development and administration.

   In addition to the ALTE Code of Practice, the specific aviation language test criteria adopted in the development and administration of the ALPT have been drawn from Principles of Best Practice outlined in ICAO Doc. 9835 and ICAO Cir 318-AN/180.

   The test will establish the individual’s level of Aviation English capability in accordance with the proficiency scale issued by ICAO via Aviation Language Proficiency Test (ALPT).

   The ICAO Rating Scale delineates six levels of language proficiency ranging from Pre-elementary (Level 1) to Expert (Level 6) across six areas of linguistic description: Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Fluency, 

Comprehension and Interactions.

   The Aviation Language Proficiency Test consists of two parts; plain language and listening comprehension all in aviation context. In the first part the interviewee will be asked general and job related questions, in the second part he will listen to a pre-recorded scenarios followed by questions The length of the ALPT is maximum 45 minutes.

   To operate internationally an individual must demonstrate proficiency at Level 4 or above in all areas of linguistic description. A person’s proficiency rating level is determined by the lowest rating in any particular area.

   Those demonstrating language proficiency below Expert level (Level 6) will be formally re-evaluated at intervals in accordance with their individual proficiency level. ICAO recommends that the interval be 6 years for those at the Extended Level (Level 5) and 3 years for those at the Operational Level (Level 4). 

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