State Safety Program (SSP)

1 Week
Course Contents: 

• Module 1 Introduction to the SSP implementation course • Module 2 Basic safety management concepts • Module 3 ICAO SARPs related to safety management • Module 4 ICAO SSP framework • Module 5 State ALoS • Module 6 Prescription / Performance based environment • Module 7 SSP training programme • Module 8 SSP implementation plan

Course Aim: 

To assist participants to develop an attitude and philosophies to manage, establish and maintain an effective safety program to help the aviation organization achieve its final objectives in the safest manner possible.

Who Should Attend: 

CAA Flight Safety Inspectors, Corporate Safety Officers, A/C Investigators, Airline Flight Operations, A/C Maintenance Supervisors, Ground Safety, Aviation Engineers, Pilots, Airport Ground Operations and Higher Managements

Arabic / English
Date Extra: 
Upon Request