JCAR Part-145 & Part-M

1 Week
Course Contents: 

Part 145: • Facility requirements. • Personnel requirements. • Certifying staff and support staff. • Equipment, tools and material. • Acceptance of components. • Maintenance data. • Production planning. • Certification of maintenance. • Occurrence reporting. • Maintenance organization exposition. • Privileges and Limitations on the organization. • Continued validity. • Findings. Part M: • Maintenance organization establishes. • Measures to be taken to ensure that airworthiness is maintained. • Condition to be met by persons or organizations involved in continuing airworthiness. • Accountability and responsibilities of continuing Airworthiness. • Occurrence reporting. • Continuing Airworthiness. • Maintenance program. • Airworthiness Directions. • Modifications and repairs. • Maintenance records. • Maintenance standards. • Component maintenance. • Facilities. • Maintenance organization manual. • Personnel requirements. • Certifications of release. • Findings. • Quality system. • Airworthiness review certificate.

Course Aim: 

Part 145: • Show the requirements that organization seeking approval to perform maintenance on aircraft or component should comply with and get a vision of the requirements and procedures for Competent Authorities related to administrative requirements, issue, approval procedure, variation of an approval, continued validity and revocation, suspension or limitation of the Maintenance Organization approval. Part M: • To give a basic understanding of the maintenance and continuing airworthiness of aircraft and describes the main requirements to be fulfilled, tasks to be accomplished and privileges and requirements of a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) as specified in the Part-M of the CARC.

Arabic / English
Date Extra: 
Upon Request