Human Factors For Maintenance

1 Week
Course Contents: 

• Introduction. • HF in Basic Maintenance Licence Requirements • General about HF • Safety Culture and Organizational Factors • Human Error • Human Performance & Limitations • physical and social environment • Procedures, Information, Tools and Practices • Communication, Teamwork, Professionalism, Integrity and Ergonomics • Organization`s HF Program • Accident Investigation Philosophy

Course Aim: 

To improve safety, quality and efficiency in aircraft maintenance operations by reducing human error and its impact in maintenance activities and develop human factors skills (such as communication, effective teamwork, task management, situational awareness, writing of procedures) as appropriate to the job, in order to make a positive impact on the safety and efficiency of maintenance operations.

Who Should Attend: 

The training is targeted at authority surveyors and all industry staff involved in maintenance, management and quality. This includes post holders, managers, supervisors, certifying staff, technicians, trainers, auditors and supporting staff like planners, engineers and stores staff.


The JAA Maintenance Human Factors Course is a basic highly interactive training. To benefit from the interactive elements and participate in group activities, a good command of the English language is required. No further prerequisites are applicable, although previous experience in a maintenance environment and knowledge of the Part-145 requirements are beneficial.

Arabic / English
Date Extra: 
Upon Request