Human Factors in Aviation Safety

1 Week
Course Contents: 

• The ICAO philosophy and its activities as an effective model in promoting the aviation safety worldwide, and how can a given contracting state benefit from this experience in order to become a more effective public figure and a better regulatory body. • The concepts of Human Factors and the required stance of CAAs and aviation corporate on the total safety outcome. • The human behavior and the tools available for the safety managers in order to affect the human performance, so they can reduce the human-centered accidents and achieve a safer aviation system. • The role of recent technological changes in air traffic management, and the concept of the international oversight assessment program. Both will act as a safety multiplier. • The kinds of human performance training programs for the operational personnel within a complementary Modern Aviation System

Course Aim: 

To Examine aircraft accidents and incidents from the Standpoint of human error. Since nearly all accidents involve human errors. Human factors in flight operations, aircraft and rotorcraft maintenance and ATC will be scrutinized for cause Factors.

Who Should Attend: 

A/C Accident Investigators, Flight Safety Inspectors, Airline Flight Operations, Pilots, Aircraft Maintenance, ATCs, Security, Cabin Attendants, Station Managers, Dispatchers and CFIs.

Arabic / English
Date Extra: 
Upon Request