Sunday, 17 September, 2017 (All day)
1 Week
Course Contents: 

• Introduction
• State Obligations Safety Oversight
• Regulations Compliance
• Quality Assurance
• Quality System Fundamentals
• Quality System Requirements
• Auditor Behavior
• Regulators Auditing Techniques
• Quality Assurance Program
• Methodology of Audit
• Safety Audits & Risk Assessment
• Management System Audit
• Audit & SMS Concurrent Auditing Technique

Course Aim: 

This course aims to provide comprehensive training in audit management and auditing techniques to facilitate a fully effective audit process in relation to flight and ground operations and supporting the achievement of operational and business objectives. The course is highly participative, and promotes auditing practices that have become the benchmark in the industry.

Who Should Attend: 

This course will be of very significant benefit to JAR OPS Quality Managers, Audit Managers and auditors who need to have the necessary competence to conduct effective auditing throughout flight and ground operations, or in relation to any supplied services. Accountable Managers, Operations Directors and others who need to understand and ensure that the audit process provides them with sufficient assurance of the adequacy and effectiveness of operations in relation to regulatory compliance will also benefit from attendance at this course.


A background in an aviation operations environment. No previous experience of auditing or the Quality Manager's function is necessary.

Arabic / English