Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO)

2 Weeks
Course Contents: 

• The two most common variations of governmental structure. • Chicago Convention as international law. • Contracting States’ obligation to apply the Articles of the Convention. • ICAO and the Annexes to the Convention. • Translation of International Law into national domestic law. • What domestic law must address. • The creation of a CAA under national law in a republican government. • The creation of a CAA under national law in a parliamentary government. • The structure of laws and regulations in each governmental system. • Other aviation safety documents in an aviation safety system. • The delegation of authority to the Government Safety Inspector.

Course Aim: 

To provide participants with an overview of the various roles and duties of a CAA inspector, regulations or standards.

Who Should Attend: 

• Airworthiness inspectors. • Operators’ maintenance managers and key personnel. • Operators’ Quality Assurance inspectors. • Operators’ Service Engineering, Reliability and Technical • Planning personnel. • Technicians. • Aircraft Maintenance, Aeronautical and Avionics Engineers.

Date Extra: 
Upon Request