Aircraft Accident Prevention

1 Week
Course Contents: 

• ICAO- Chicago Convention, Annexes & SARPS • Historical Development • Accident Prevention Roles and Functions(ICAO, CAA, Manufacture and Operator • Basic Safety Concepts • Introduction to Safety Management • Hazards and Hazards Elimination • Hazards Discovery Methods • Risk Management • Accident Prevention Concept • Accident prevention Process • Aviation Safety Program Elements and Reporting • Measurement of Safety • Incident Investigation • Human Factors

Course Aim: 

To provide participants with the required knowledge, skills and attitude on an aircraft accident prevention in accordance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), and guidance material.

Who Should Attend: 

Pilots, A/C Maintenance personnel, Dispatchers, ATCs, Flight operations officers, Ground safety in charge, Performance engineers, Flight safety inspectors, Investigators and Higher management.

Arabic / English
Date Extra: 
Upon Request