Aircraft Accident Investigation

2 Weeks
Course Contents: 

• Prepare the Investigation Process; • Investigate Aircraft Operations; • Weather Condition Investigation; • Investigate Air Traffic Services; • Investigate Aircraft Structure; • Investigate Aircraft Powerplant; • Investigate Aircraft System; • Analyze Flight Records; • Investigate Survival Aspects; • Investigate Human Factors; • Investigate Fire; • Prepare Final Report.

Course Aim: 

• The course aims to provide course participants with the needed Skill/Knowledge/Attitudes to: o Investigate aircraft accidents, o Determine root causes and recommend safety measures to prevent similar occurrences. • The participant will be qualified as Accident Investigator after completing this course followed by On-job-training which will include at least, participation in the investigation of two accidents or 5 serious incidents under the supervision of qualified senior investigators.

Who Should Attend: 

Pilots, Investigators, Flight Safety Inspectors and Flight Operations Staff

Arabic / English
Date Extra: 
Upon Request