Red Hat Linux Essentials & Administaration

3 weeks
Course Contents: 

Introduction, users, logging in and out, shell, files concept, directories, commands, piping, editing, linking, backup and restore. Red Hat Installation, File System Mangement, User and Group Administartion, System Services, Networking, Package Mangement RPM and yum, Intro to network services, DNS, samba, NFS services. IP Tables.  Troubleshooting.

Course Aim: 

At the completion of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand Linux (and Linux flavor) operating system     
  • Work with directories and files            
  • Backup and restore fies and directories
  • Operate computers using this OS
  • Manage Linux file system
  • Work with system services                
  • Add/ delete users, assign users to groups
  • Assign permissions to directories and files
  • Configure network parameters
  • Troubleshoot network problems                
  • Use RPM, yum, and boot loaders
  • Understand and manage Kernel services & configuration              
  • Troubleshooting


Who Should Attend: 

Any person working with Red Hat Linux, Unix and Unix flavors OS.

Date Extra: 
Upon Request