Aviation English course for ICAO Compliance

5 Weeks
Course Contents: 

Both the student’s book and the CD-ROM cover the    
 following 12 topics:
    - Runway incursion
-   Lost
-   Technology
-   Animals
-   Gravity
-    Health
-   Fire
-   Meteorology
-   Landings
-   Fuel
-   Pressure
-   Security
 The course uses radio-telephony dialogues to provide
 a professional and realistic context for the students.

Course Aim: 

Aviation English course has been specifically designed
 to teach English language communication skills to pilots   
 and  air traffic controllers, and to help them achieve and  
 maintain Operational Level 4 (now an international
 requirement enforced by ICAO - International Civil
 Aviation Organization).

Who Should Attend: 

Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers 


Completed pilot or ATC basic training

Date Extra: 
Upon Request