Air traffic incident investigation

2 Weeks
Course Contents: 
  1. Investigation management system.
  2. ATC, ATM, safety management and maintenance systems examination and testing
  3. Liaison with other authorities
  4. Securing of records, recordings and samples.
  5. Incident Notification
  6. Securing documentation
  7. Responsibilities of the State
  8. Responsibilities of the investigator in charge
  9. Checklist on assistance
  10. Format and content of the notification.
  11. Legality of investigating personnel involved
  12. Human factor
  13. tracing  hazards or deficiencies
  14. Identification of all immediate and underlying systemic causes and/or contributing factors of the incident.
  15. Recommendation of appropriate safety actions
  16. Determination of the facts, conditions and circumstances
  17. completion of an investigation
  18. safety recommendation
  19. final report
Course Aim: 

Understand the concept of investigating an air incident & finding reason (s) by stating that it is not the purpose of an investigation to apportion blame or liability. Any judicial or administrative proceedings to apportion blame or liability shall be separate from any investigation conducted under the provisions of Annex 13.

Who Should Attend: 

Senior-level personnel involved in air traffic management, investigators, pilots , air traffic controllers, flight and ground engineers


Aviation experience

Date Extra: 
Upon Request