Basic AFTN Refresher

1 week (30 hrs)
Course Contents: 

1.             Aeronautical Fixed Service.
2.             Message Format.
3.             Routing of message.
4.             Action on Mutilated or improperly formatted Message.
5.             Applications and systems of AFTN.
6.             Aeronautical Mobile Service – Data Link Communications        
7.             Net Work Performance.
                                i.   Transit time Criteria.
                              ii.    Congestion Delay.
                            iii.     Component of Transit Time.
                           iv.      Relay Time. 

Course Aim: 

To provide Participants with significant amendments in Annex 10 vol. 2. 

Who Should Attend: 

 Hold Basic AFTN Courses certificate.


 ATN operators with at least 3-Year Experience at ATN Center.

Date Extra: 
Upon Request