Basic Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN)

8 weeks (240 hrs)
Course Contents: 
  1. Air law and Aircraft Types.
  2. Flight Plan.
  3. Aeronautical Information Services.
  4. Air traffic Service.
  5. Metrology.
  6. Rules of the Air.
  7. Aerodrome.
  8. Aeronautical Telecommunication.
  9. Principle of Flight.
Course Aim: 

To train the Participants to apply ICAO Principles and Procedures to facilitate the exchange of all traffic information to enhance the safety of air navigation and provide them with sufficient knowledge of all aspects of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network and apply this knowledge as appropriate. train them to deal with equipment in the ATN Center efficiently and take the necessary action to maintain effective and rapid communication.  

Who Should Attend: 

The course is designed for Participants who have no experience or little knowledge of communication to be able to work as aeronautical telecommunication at civil aviation authorities.

  • Hold high school Certificate

  • Good Command of English Language.

  • Good Computer skill.

Date Extra: 
Upon Request