2 Weeks
Course Contents: 

Planning , conducting evaluating
Teaching and performing
Briefing / debriefing
Assessing/ correcting errors / monitoring
   Motivation / human factor understanding
   Analyzing results for amendments.

Course Aim: 

The main purpose of this course is to determine the job description of an air traffic controller who is entrusted by the management for conducting on the job training to air traffic controllers in a particular ATS unit, and underlying duties, tasks and sub tasks related to on the job training techniques. Subsequently skill knowledge and attitudes (SKAs) requirements are outlined to perform the task in a desirable manner.

Who Should Attend: 

Air traffic controllers rated in any ATS units with at least 3 years field experience and considerable potential as instructors. The ideal class will comprise 6 – 10 trainees at the most which will promote group discussions, role-plays and participation/presentation.


A minimum of 3 years practical experience.
Holding the required rating at that unit.
The OJTI must be a person who is willing and keen with a natural flair for instructorship.

Date Extra: 
Upon Request